Masonry Basics for Your Home’s Exterior Walls

When you pass by a house on the street, what’s the first thing that you notice? Chances are, it’s the house’s exterior walls. And for the most part, masonry had a lot to do with it.

Masonry Basics

An experienced, highly skilled, and professional contractor is what this type of beautification project entails. A good contractor can recommend what’s needed, the type that will work best for the design of your home, and how it should be done so you don’t have to redo the whole thing again (which can be quite expensive).

There are different types of masonry, but the two most popular materials used are bricks and stones. The two materials have different textures, sizes, and colors; bricks are usually red or brown, while stones can be white, cream, or pale grey. Stone colors are not limited to these, however, and the number of options might give you a hard time choosing one for your project. Again, this is where professional help will be of valuable assistance to you.

Mixing and matching doesn’t always work.

For example, you can get stones in lighter shades like pale grey or cream so the color won’t clash with the red of the bricks. This way, you have one dominant color in the foreground and one complementary color in the background.

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